ASA Midwest Tour promoters Tim Olson and Steve Einhaus have announced the payout bonuses and protocol for the 2007 Touring Stars program. “The program is a great addition to the 2007 outline and will set the stage for a competitive battle for the top 15 in points for the following year’s eligibility,” Olson stated.

“The Touring Stars program is significant because the ASA Midwest Tour ideology is all about working together to provide the best entertainment at the racing facilities that we attend,” stated Einhaus, “It’s our goal to make sure that the facilities we visit are profiting and those personnel and fans are in high spirits about our event.” Part of that sensation is giving them the marketing tools needed to draw fans by bringing the Midwest’s hottest short track stars, using the Touring Stars program. The elite group will be compensated for their dedication to the series and also be required to compete at every event. The top 15 in championship standings will fill the roster for the 2008 and the practice will apply for subsequent seasons.

Drivers must register for the ASA Midwest Tour to be considered for the program. In 2007 management will choose competitors based off of their racing history and popularity in the sport. The program ensures the elite group of Touring Stars will be present at every venue. Eleven drivers will be notified and contractually bound to attend all events. The highest finishing Rookie registrant from each event will also receive bonus money. If a driver in the group misses an event unexcused, he/she will be replaced on the roster with a pre-determined alternate for the remainder of the season.

“Twenty years ago fans watched for a flyer for an ARTGO race and saw their favorite drivers’ faces. They knew who was competing at each race ahead of time and it gave fans an incentive to travel to events,” Einhaus recalled, “That’s what it’s about – showcasing the hottest current stars against the locals and developing new talent.”

Touring Star bonus per event: 1st- $400 2nd- $350 3rd- $325 4th- $300 5th-$275 6th- $250 7th- $225 8th- $200 9th- $175 10th- $150 11th- $125 12th- $100 (bonuses will be paid based on each of the touring stars finishing position. Example- Joe Johnson finished 6th and he is the highest finishing Touring Star, his bonus will be $400)

Drivers are encouraged to register for ASA Midwest Tour membership online at The deadline for drivers applying for the Touring Stars program is February 1, 2007. Rookie applicants must register before the season opening event.

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