By Kari Shear-Carlson
July 22, 2012 – Dann Barber won tonight’s ASA Midwest SCAG Truck Tour 50-lap feature at Grundy County Speedway in Morris, IL.

Chad Knaus of Sun Prairie, WI led the field to green with Rick Corso on the outside. Corso took the early lead. John and Jerry Wood were lurking in second and third waiting for an opportunity to make their attempt for the front row.

Jerry Wood was not wasting any time as he was all over the bumper of Knaus. As he moved to the outside, Dann Barber tried to follow him through on the outside. But John Wood took the inside and the Wood brothers battled side by side behind Knaus. John Wood got to the inside of Knaus and took the second spot followed by Jerry Wood.

Fast qualifier, James Swan quickly made his way up to fourth and was tracking down the leaders. Rick Corso extended his lead while the Wood brothers and James Swan continued to run nose to tail. Camden Murphy had moved his way into the fifth spot diving to the inside of Knaus for the position.

A blanket could have been thrown over the second through fourth place drivers. Jerry Wood was trying to make a move over John Wood, but he had Swan all over his rearview mirror. The first caution fell on lap 19 when Jerry Suderland slowed on the backstretch.

This gave the Wood brothers and James Swan a fresh chance to to make a move on Corso who had stretched his lead over the field. As the cone came out for the lane choice restart, Corso took the inside followed by the Wood brothers. James Swan and Dann Barber took the risk and went to the outside. Corso and Swan made up the front row at the restart.

Corso got the jump with Swan all over his bumper. John Wood fell into third as Dann Barber took over fourth from Jerry Wood. As they came to half-way, the trucks fell into single-file, but Swan and John Wood were being patient and making plans to take over the lead.

The second caution came out on lap 30 as two trucks made contact and the 67 of Knaus spun in the infield. When the cone came out for the choose rule, once again Swan went to the outside of Corso. John Wood and Dann Barber made up row two.

Corso once again got the lead, but the yellow came out before the lap was complete as Vinnie Wilkinson hit the wall between turns one and two. Because the previous lap was not complete, the line-up remained the same. James Swan was trying to make a power move on the outside and takes the lead with 19 laps to go. But Corso dove back down to the bottom and the two battled side by side for the lead.

Meanwhile Dann Barber was in third waiting for things to shake out. Camden Murphy had moved his way into fourth. Corso stretched his lead out by a couple car lengths, while Swan was under pressure from Barber for the second spot.

With nine laps to go, the Wood brothers made their way back into the top five, both making their way around Murphy. Swan and Barber continued to fight for the second spot. With two to go, Barber took the second spot from Swan, but going into turn four, the leader, Rick Corso had a tire go down taking away his chance for victory.

This set it up for a green-white-checkered finish. Swan took the inside with Barber on the outside. Behind them were Jerry and John Wood. As they came to the green and they remained side by side as the white flag fell. Barber took the lead on the backstretch and took home the checkers.

John Wood and Jerry Wood rounded out the top five.

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