Andrew Morrissey’s victory in last Sunday’s Joe Shear Classic at Madison International Speedway was his third victory in the ARCA Midwest Tour presented by SCAG Power Equipment. The win provided a big pay day and contingency bonuses.

The Deforest, Wisconsin driver held off Dan Fredrickson and Ty Majeski for the victory in a race that many are heralding as one of the best short track races in quite some time on social media. The 200-lap race with the controlled pit stop format created many different battles and lead changes throughout the race.

The fans in attendance enjoyed battles for the lead between Travis Sauter and Bubba Pollard as well as a classic lead swap back and forth between Rich Bickle Jr. and Fredrickson. A couple of late cautions left fans wondering if Morrissey could hold off Fredrickson and Majeski until the checkered flag, creating an edge of the seat excitement that is well known in ARCA Midwest Tour competition.

For his victory, Morrissey picked up $5,000 for the win along with a new Millermatic 125 Mig Welder from Miller Electric, $100 from SCAG Power Equipment for being the top Wisconsin driver, and a $200 fuel card from Tobacco Outlet plus Grocery for “Smokin’ the Competition.”

Fredrickson received an Allstar Performance $100 certificate for his second-place finish and a $100 VDL certificate for being the fast qualifier.

For his third-place finish, Ty Majeski received a $50 Bassett Wheel certificate, a Clevite $100 certificate, and an Al-Kul Free Radiator Flush certificate.

A full list of contingency awards appears below.

Along with the contingency awards, the ARCA Midwest Tour gave each Touring Star over $5 per mile traveled along with over $2,000 in bonuses and rookie incentives.

The stars and cars of the ARCA Midwest Tour presented by SCAG Power Equipment are now getting ready for the Cabin Fever 100 on Saturday, May 20th at State Park Speedway in Wausau, Wisconsin. A track that is well known for great side-by-side battles between the visiting Touring Stars and the best Super Late Model drivers that compete around Central Wisconsin. An area that brought us legendary drivers like Dick Trickle, Tom Reffner, Marv Marzofka, and Dave Marcis.

This event will pay $625 to start the Cabin Fever 100 and $3,000 to the winner.

Fan information, entry form, and schedule can be found at

Be sure to follow the ARCA Midwest Tour presented by SCAG Power Equipment on Facebook (/midwesttour) and Twitter (@midwesttour).


Andrew Morrissey Wehrs Machine $100 Cert


Dan Fredrickson Allstar Performance $100 Cert


Ty Majeski Bassett Wheel $50 Cert, Clevite $100 Cert


Travis Sauter Brake-O-Meter $100 Cert


Rich Bickle Fivestar $100 Cert, MSD $100 Cert


Bobby Wilberg Set of (2) AP Rotors


John Beale* Pathfinder Chassis $100 Cert


John Beale FAST Ignitions $100 Cert


Derek Kraus Penske Shocks $100 Cert


Austin Nason Sunoco $50 Cash Bonus, Quartermaster $50 Cert


Travis Dassow Set of (4) Ferodo Brake Pads


Jason Weinkauf Wehrs Machine $100 Cert


Ricky Baker Allstar Performance $100 Cert


Matt Kocourek Pathfinder Chassis $100 Cert


Jim Sauter, Jr Holley $100 Cert, Racing Electronics $100


Michael Ostdiek Mahle $100 Cert


John Heath FAST Ignitions $100 Cert


John DeAngelis, Jr Penske Shocks $100 Cert


Bubba Pollard Intercomp $100 Cert


Jonathan Eilen Quartermaster $50 Cert, Racing Electronics $100


Brad Tilton MSD $100 Cert


Bobby Kendall Intercomp $100 Cert


Paul Shafer, Jr Comp Cams $50 Cert


Andy Jones Comp Cams $50 Cert


Dan Lensing Comp Cams $50 Cert


Dennis Prunty Comp Cams $50 Cert


Chris Weinkauf Comp Cams $50 Cert
Miller Electric Top Touring Star Andrew Morrissey Miller Electric Millermatic 125 Mig Welder
Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery ‘Smokin’ The Competition Award’ Andrew Morrissey $200 Fuel Card
Fivestar Hard Luck Natalie Decker Fivestar $100 Certificate
VDL Fast Time Dan Fredrickson VDL $100 Certificate
SCAG Made in Wisconsin Andrew Morrissey SCAG $100 Cash Bonus
Al-Kul Kul Under Pressure Rich Bickle Al-Kul Free Radiator Flush Certificate
Al-Kul Kul Under Pressure Ty Majeski Al-Kul Free Radiator Flush Certificate
Al-Kul Not so Kul Award Bobby Kendall Al-Kul $50 Certificate
Al-Kul Not so Kul Award Dennis Prunty Al-Kul $50 Certificate
Holley Rookie of the Race Jim Sauter, Jr Holley $100 Cert
ButlerBuilt 11th Star Award Jonathan Eilen ButlerBuilt $100 Cert
Local Contingency Travis Sauter Quartermaster $100 Cert
Local Contingency Bobby Wilberg Comp Cams $100 Cert
Local Contingency John Beale AP (3) Bottles of Brake Fluid
Local Contingency Dan Lensing ButlerBuilt $100 Cert

*finisher did not run decal

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