Golden Sands Speedway

Midwest Tour cars will not be allowed to run a LS 5.3 as these are not in tour engine package rules. Midwest Tour points will not be given to any tour regular with a LS 5.3 engine. Any non-approved engine package as in tour rules will need prior approval.

Any team with a LS 5.3 in points at Golden Sands/WCS may run a LS 5.3 at this race. 5.3 engines as a wet sump package are discouraged in the MWT. This is our weight package for this event at Golden Sands Speedway.

5.3 Wegner LS Weights
58/42 @ 2725/ 4412 2 bbl carb.
Crate Weights call for info.

All other weights will remain the same as normal tour rules.

Thank You for your support of the ARCA Midwest Tour.

Mike (Lumpy) Lemke

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