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(December 4, 2019) – Track, sanctioning bodies and series leaders, that deal specifically with the ABC Body (Approved-Body-Configuration) as the ABC Committee have assembled the following in regard to any previously published information in the media and/or on social media. The following is intended to establish the position and declare that the ABC Committee has not approved the new Five Star body for 2019. Any other information that has been released is not representative of the Track, sanctioning bodies and series leaders that are the ABC Committee.

It is the intent of the ABC Committee to let all stakeholders in the entire short track racing industry know that despite previous statements in regard to compensation that “compensation” carried no weight in the decision to not approve the proposed Five Star body.

In an effort to provide complete transparency, the committee detailed the process of this topic. To date, in regard to the proposed Five Star body, Five Star has been the initiator and in control of all subsequent development, wind tunnel testing, and informational meetings. During the original development of the ABC Body, a set of guidelines had previously been established. In addition to the previously established guidelines the committee examined and proposed a per part fee (in regard to compensation) to establish a neutral and non-manufacturer based route of testing and development, which would remain open and published to approve and determine the approval of any new part and or body component from any manufacturer.

Committee leaders felt with Five Star initiating all testing and development activities since they were responsible for the complete design and submission, it may have represented a dictation to control the development in the industry and take it in a direction that worked against the original conceptual direction of the committee, which continues to be the outlook and preservation of short track Late Model racing throughout North America. There was never a proposal which benefitted any member of the ABC Committee. Many committee members receive no support from any specific manufacturer. The proposed program was intended to cover the cost of wind tunnel testing, purchase professional analysis, and the travel associated with ensuring the approval process was in the best interest of the entire industry.

The proposed program was adamantly opposed by the submitting manufacturer and removed from negotiation. In turn, since the time it was removed from the proposal, information was presented to the marketplace that did not reflect the intent of the proposed program

ABC Committee members have made multiple attempts and continue active communication in regard to bringing the industry together, primarily Five Star and AR Bodies (currently the two approved ABC Manufacturers), in an attempt to introduce a “new” look to Late Model racing throughout North America. It is the feeling of all Track, sanctioning body and series leaders that this effort must be made “together” as with all previous ABC (Approved-Body-Configuration) efforts which set the industry standards.

ABC Committee, track, sanctioning body and series leaders feel that the entire industry remain positively informed in regard to all aspects of the decision not to approve the body:

1. The success of bringing the country together with one common body design, which currently exists, was based on the co-operation of the two body manufacturers working together to develop one shape. Since the inception and development of the Approved-Body-Configuration late model racing moved from regionalized rules and bodies, to a present day format which rewards all stakeholders with a format acceptable throughout North America. There is no intent to move away from that benefit. Even if the manufacturers were in agreement with how to proceed together with one shape, there would still be challenges of having two body styles (new and current). The ABC series leaders were willing to take on that challenge of having two different shapes.

As the current process developed, however, the group of leaders did not feel confident in approving an environment where there were three distinctly different body styles (the current common shape used by both manufacturers, a new Five Star body and a new AR body). This presented too many variables for the industry. The industry already faces many challenges and providing a stable and acceptable atmosphere is critical in the preservation and development of Late Model racing throughout North America.

2. If the two manufacturers were to agree to the new shape provided by Five Star, a final wind tunnel test under the direction of ABC Committee, Tracks, Sanctioning Body, Series leadership and independent and neutral technical personnel would still need to be conducted. Previous wind tunnel tests were led solely by manufacturer officials. The most recent test was witnessed by ABC series leaders, however did not provide completed data and data verifications were not completed. A key component that must be analyzed, but was not in the tests witnessed by series officials, is the proposed new body vs. the current body in “yaw”. Industry experts have stated that this is a critical comparison that must be made before determining if the two body styles are truly similar in performance. Any statement of equality prior to that would be clear speculation.

ABC Committee, Tracks, Sanctioning Body and Series leaders are committed to having a new body in the future, but are steadfast in their position of ensuring its success by making sure the body manufacturers continue to develop a plan that has the entire industry once again working together to continue a uniform and successful path for all stakeholders. The success and the evolution of the ABC body program in its current format is a testament to the validity of a program where all parties worked “together” in regard to the preservation and development of Late Model racing in North America.

For more information, please contact officials with any of the following represented Tracks, sanctioning bodies or series;
ARCA/CRA Super Series; ARCA Midwest Tour; Big 8 Late Model Series; CARS Late Model Stock Tour; CARS Super Late Model Tour; Jeg’s CRA All-Stars Tour; Northwest Super Late Model Series; Race of Champions; Southern Super Series; SRL Southwest Tour; Dixieland 250; Governor’s Cup; Oktoberfest Race Weekend; Snowball Derby; SoBo 250; Speedfest; US Short Track Nationals; Winchester 400 Winter Showdown; World Series of Asphalt; Vores CRA Late Model Sportsman; CRA Junior Late Model Series

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