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Cold Weather Champions At Milwaukee Mile Event

Track Reopens With Strong Turnout

By Ryan O’Donnell

(West Allis, WI) The hottest day that Milwaukee has had in the past 25 years was on July 5th, 2012. The second hottest day, coming in at sizzling 100 degrees Fahrenheit, was on June 16th, 1994. This past Father’s Day, June 16th, 2019, Milwaukee natives experienced a chilly 56-degree summer day, unofficially tying Milwaukee’s lowest high temperature in history for that date. Seems cold enough to stay indoors and watch some sports with dad, or so you would think. Instead of calling it a quits, thousands of spectators braved the cold weather and went out to the historic Milwaukee Mile to watch an action-packed day of racing.

America’s oldest racetrack, the Milwaukee Mile, had the most action it has seen in the last five years. Race teams traveled from as far Australia and California for a chance to win one of the five events put on at the Mile. The greater storyline may be the teams that only had to travel a couple of miles to attend the races. In 2015, racing halted to a stop at the Mile. For years, these teams patiently awaited their home track “revival” and when they finally had the chance to burn some rubber there again, they jumped at the opportunity presented when promotion company, Track Enterprises, swung the gates back open.

A total of 130+ racecars were in competition throughout the day. Enough for race fans to get their money’s worth, right? Spectators would say that and then some. Seeing the track record for fastest lap of an ARCA Midwest Tour car smashed by Ty Majeski (New Record: 28.35), vintage racecars (including a handful of original Ford Model T’s) relive their glory days on the track, and an exciting Midwest Trucks finish was more than enough for fans to go home happy. Austin Nason, a young driver from Roscoe, IL, was the big winner, claiming the trophy in the Father’s Day 100.

One thing about the Father’s Day 100 is sure. Every racer, spectator, and worker left proud to have participated in this historic moment. Racing is back at America’s Legendary Oval. Next year let’s all do the warm weather dance and do it all again.