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Sauter, Wimmer Join Forces for Joe Shear Classic this Sunday

Travis Sauter and Chris Wimmer have teamed forces and entered the Joe Shear Classic this Sunday afternoon at Madison International Speedway. The duo has been working together for Wimmer Motorsports over the past few years, but this is the first time they team up as driver and crew chief.

“Chris asked me to run his car at some of these races so we could work together and try to learn these new cars together at tracks were familiar with, said Sauter. “The goal would obvious be to win, but also to help improve Wimmer Motorsports across the board for all of his clients.”

“Travis and I got to talking and he really wanted to do a handful of races this year,” said Wimmer. “It just made sense to put him in one of my cars. We work closely together all year and I have great respect for him as a driver. I know the feedback he can give will help make the program as a whole better.”

Over the past few years, Sauter and Wimmer have worked closely for Wimmer Motorsports. Whether it’s individually crew chiefing cars or working together, they have helped many driver find success and victory lane.

“Chris and I have similar opinions on almost everything, so we get along pretty well,” said Sauter. “I prefer to work during the daylight hours and he doesn’t, but as far as race cars go, I think we are on the same page.”

“Travis and I started working more closely together over the past few years and he’s been a huge asset in terms of the success of Wimmer Motorsports,” said Wimmer. “We both have the same focus when it comes to the cars and racing. I’m excited to get to work with him behind the wheel this weekend.”

A return to the Joe Shear Classic will mark the first of about five races they two have planned for the year, including more visits with the Midwest Tour.

“The memorial races are always special. Joe Shear was a great racer and it’s good that guys like him continue to get recognition after they are gone,” said Sauter. “We plan on running around five races in this car. I’m really busy with crew chief work for other WM clients, it is difficult to get the time to be able to do this. There’s a lot that goes into it that nobody sees from the outside. I really enjoy the crew chief work and that is my future, but I also appreciate the chance to drive good equipment before I’m too old.”

“When Travis and I were talking, this was definitely a race we both circled on the calendar,” said Wimmer.

Both Sauter and Wimmer are no strangers to success at the Madison, WI. Sauter won the Joe Shear Classic in 2013 and also held a ten win race streak at the track. Wimmer, who will call the shots on Sunday, owns the current track record, set in 2012, and won the Triple Crown in 2014 and the Matt Kenseth All Star race in 2011.

“I don’t know why Madison has been so good for me,” said Sauter. “I have raced there a lot. I always thought I was better on flat tracks. I guess I’ve been lucky to have good cars there.”

“I always liked racing at Madison.” Said Wimmer. “I was fortunate to win a couple races there, but always enjoyed the bigger track. Beating Kenseth to win that race was definitely a career highlight. Travis has always been so good there, I’m excited to see what we can do this weekend.”

When asked if he can take down Wimmer’s track record.

“Doubtful. Qualifying is not my strength forsure. Even if I were to break Chris’ record, he would just tell me he would’ve went faster if he was driving the car. He is really good at qualifying to he would be correct.”

Joining the ARCA Midwest Tour will be the Midwest Truck Series and 602 Outlaw Late Models. Spectator gates will open on Sunday May 2 at 10:30am with practice getting underway at 11:30am. Qualifying for all three divisions begins at 12:45pm with the first race at 2pm. Madison International Speedway has no gathering limits in place and tickets will be available at the gate. Fans are encouraged to save money by buying their tickets in advance online at Madison International Speedway is located at 1122 Sunrise Road in Oregon, WI, for additional information call 608-835-9700 or visit For those unable to attend, this event will be streamed live on the SPEED SPORT Network and, watch for updates and pricing.