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ASA Midwest Tour Announces Kwik Trip as Title Sponsor

February 5, 2007

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (February 5, 2007) – The American Speed Association Midwest Tour presented by Echo Outdoor Power Equipment is delighted to announce a new partnership with Kwik Trip, Inc. as the title sponsor for the Tour effective immediately.

“Gary Gonzcy (Marketing Director for Kwik Trip) and I have been working on this for months, trying to build a perfect relationship that benefits Kwik Trip, the ASA Midwest Tour, and our customers. We are extremely happy to say that this takes our series to the next level and allows us to put together one of the best promotional and marketing programs in the country. We are working together to create a top-notch promotional program that includes all aspects of advertising, promotion, driver appearances and autograph signings, and onsite race day displays for Kwik Trip. They have developed a traveling promotional team to attend all of our events to display new products. This shows their dedication to the Midwest Tour by providing us with the tools that both organizations need to be successful and keep growing,” explained ASAMT Vice-President Steve Einhaus.

The Kwik Trip convenience store concept, combines bright clean décor and a strong private label program with competitive “Kwik n’ Low” pricing to create a unique identity for Kwik Trip. Kwik Trip offers unleaded, E-85 fuel, and diesel fuel, convenient pay-at-the-pump capabilities, a large 16-head fountain drink wall, Cheese Mountain Take n’ Bake pizza, and a state of the art car wash at many of its locations.

“We are developing a member package that will provide discounts for everyone that follows the series and will allow them to save money on purchases at Kwik Trip every day of the week. Details on the member program will be available in the near future,” stated Einhaus, “All ASA Midwest Tour registered drivers, their crews, and families will be eligible to participate.”

Consumers can enjoy Kwik Trip’s Karuba Coffee featured at the Karuba Bar, coffee house flavored coffee, cappuccino, lattes and steamers. For the person on the go, the “Hot Spot” hot foods bar has been expanded in stores and is filled with a variety of freshly baked breakfast sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, corn dogs, pizza slices, and fresh baked oversized cookies. Kwik Trip also includes a “fresh foods” cold case offering customers healthy food choices including fresh salads, fruits and vegetables. Kwik Trip’s newest item-Cheese Mountain Take n’ Bake pizza comes with a variety of toppings and is available in the pizza case. Call ahead ordering is available for pizzas.

The first Kwik Trip store was opened in 1965. The company shares a common philosophy with the American Speed Association Midwest Tour: “We are mindful of the past, but don’t live in it. We have our feet planted firmly in the present but we do not stand still. We have an eye on the future, because that’s where we’re going. Our goal is to be “Better Than The Best!”

“I have been an avid race fan my entire life and this is by far one of the best grass roots short track programs I have ever seen and we’re just getting started. In a very short time they have put together what I feel will make an immediate impact on the success of area racetracks and will give the race fan everything that they ask for. They have been very innovative in their strategy of bringing back the excitement in short track racing by providing everyone with the tools they need to get to the track,” explained Gonzcy, “We are delighted to be able to link ourselves to a fresh new organization that has a direct impact on our customers. Race Teams and their fans are the most brand loyal customers in the country and we feel that this is a great promotional tool for the Kwik Trip organization. It’s an honor for us to be the title sponsor of the ASA Kwik Trip Midwest Tour and we’ll be together for many years to come and we look forward to opening day.”

Kwik Trip, Inc. is a convenience store company unlike any other. Kwik Trip serves its customers with clean, bright, convenient retail shopping centers and is committed to customer service. Kwik Trip also produces many of the private label products featured in the stores. Kwik Trip, Inc., La Crosse, Wisconsin based headquarters, operates a FDA approved bakery, offering customers fresh Kwikery bakery products including white bread, wheat bread, buns, super muffins, donuts, cookies, bagels and Glazers donuts. Produced in Kwik Trip’s own FDA approved dairy is the Nature’s Touch brand of dairy products including Kwik Trip’s own Milk In A Bag packaging and Nature’s Touch Ice Cream.

Being the producer means Kwik Trip sets the standard and assures the quality of the products that will be sold in its stores. Being the distributor means these products are shipped to local Kwik Trip stores daily, which helps to guarantee their freshness. Being the producer and distributor also enables Kwik Trip to price private label brand products lower than the grocery stores. This pricing philosophy called “Kwik n’ Low” prices provides customers with prices as low as or lower than the grocery store everyday.

Race teams can particularly benefit from Kwik Bucks. Points are earned for every gallon of diesel fuel purchased at Kwik Trip or Kwik Star locations and are redeemable for cash.

Kwik Trip, Inc. is one of the largest independently held convenience store chains in the United States. Kwik Trip owns and operates over 326 Kwik Trip and Kwik Star stores in parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa and employs over 7,000 people.

“Kwik Trip is one of the finest organizations in the country and their success is driven off of their customer satisfaction. Aligning ourselves with Kwik Trip fits so perfectly for everyone involved and we are doing everything we can to bring our racers the whole package,” concluded ASAMT President Tim Olson.

The partnership between the two organizations is carried through to the Touring Star program for which Kwik Trip is also the title sponsor. A press release announcing the Kwik Trip Touring Stars will be posted soon.

Fans are encouraged to patronize the local Kwik Trip and Kwik Star stores surrounding the scheduled venues on ASAMT race days for car and driver appearances and other promotions. The full ASAMT schedule and a map of Kwik Trip and Kwik Star locations are on the Web.

The ASAMT will celebrate opening day April 28, 2007 at the Elko Speedway (MN). The nearest Kwik Trip stores are in Northfield (to the south) and Lakeville (to the north). Both locations carry diesel fuel and gasoline.

More information about Kwik Trip, Inc. is available online at www.kwiktrip.com.

To learn more about the American Speed Association Kwik Trip Midwest Tour presented by Echo please contact the ASA Midwest Tour office by calling (262) 514-3880 or by e-mailing Tim Olson at tim@asamidwesttour.com or Steve Einhaus at steve@asamidwesttour.com.

To learn more of the Daytona Beach, Florida-based Racing Speed Associates or the American Speed Association Racing Member Track program, call (386) 258-2221 or send an e-mail to info@asa-racing.com. For news and information from all the racetracks and regional tours involved in the American Speed Association, visit www.asa-racing.com.

News Touring Stars

ASA Midwest Touring Stars Bonus Program Purse Announced

November 30, 2006

ASA Midwest Tour promoters Tim Olson and Steve Einhaus have announced the payout bonuses and protocol for the 2007 Touring Stars program. “The program is a great addition to the 2007 outline and will set the stage for a competitive battle for the top 15 in points for the following year’s eligibility,” Olson stated.

“The Touring Stars program is significant because the ASA Midwest Tour ideology is all about working together to provide the best entertainment at the racing facilities that we attend,” stated Einhaus, “It’s our goal to make sure that the facilities we visit are profiting and those personnel and fans are in high spirits about our event.” Part of that sensation is giving them the marketing tools needed to draw fans by bringing the Midwest’s hottest short track stars, using the Touring Stars program. The elite group will be compensated for their dedication to the series and also be required to compete at every event. The top 15 in championship standings will fill the roster for the 2008 and the practice will apply for subsequent seasons.

Drivers must register for the ASA Midwest Tour to be considered for the program. In 2007 management will choose competitors based off of their racing history and popularity in the sport. The program ensures the elite group of Touring Stars will be present at every venue. Eleven drivers will be notified and contractually bound to attend all events. The highest finishing Rookie registrant from each event will also receive bonus money. If a driver in the group misses an event unexcused, he/she will be replaced on the roster with a pre-determined alternate for the remainder of the season.

“Twenty years ago fans watched for a flyer for an ARTGO race and saw their favorite drivers’ faces. They knew who was competing at each race ahead of time and it gave fans an incentive to travel to events,” Einhaus recalled, “That’s what it’s about – showcasing the hottest current stars against the locals and developing new talent.”

Touring Star bonus per event: 1st- $400 2nd- $350 3rd- $325 4th- $300 5th-$275 6th- $250 7th- $225 8th- $200 9th- $175 10th- $150 11th- $125 12th- $100 (bonuses will be paid based on each of the touring stars finishing position. Example- Joe Johnson finished 6th and he is the highest finishing Touring Star, his bonus will be $400)

Drivers are encouraged to register for ASA Midwest Tour membership online at www.asamidwesttour.com. The deadline for drivers applying for the Touring Stars program is February 1, 2007. Rookie applicants must register before the season opening event.

News Touring Stars

ASA Midwest Tour Announces “Touring Stars” Program

November 7, 2006

The ASA Midwest Tour has announced a new Touring Stars program that will begin with the upcoming 2007 racing season. “The Touring Stars program was created so we could guarantee a minimum of 12 traveling stars that the local race tracks and their fans can expect to see competing against the local favorites,” stated ASA Midwest Tour President Tim Olson.

The inaugural group of Touring Stars for the 2007 season will be chosen from a list of pre-registered applicants automatically qualifying them for the Travel Incentive Program. Each chosen competitor will be required to complete a contractual agreement with the ASA Midwest Tour that requires the driver to complete the full season of events to qualify for the TIP.

“It’s a great incentive and a huge financial boost to those taking part in the program,” stated ASA Midwest Tour VP Steve Einhaus, “The Traveling Stars will receive bonus pay based off of their performance at each event. In other words, they’ll be competing very hard not only for the win but also for the added bonus money. It’s the inaugural year for the operation and creating the Touring Stars program is vital to everyone’s success. In 2008 and following, the Touring Stars program roster will be composed of the top 15 in points from the previous season.

The Touring Stars program will also incorporate a special bonus for the highest finishing Rookie of the Year contending registrant. Those eligible must apply for Rookie status upon registration and one candidate will be awarded their bonus TIP based off of the highest finishing qualified driver. All Rookie applicants will be eligible for the TIP based off of individual event attendance.

“Steve and I felt that it was important to supply each of the facilities that we visit with a core group of 12 highly sought after competitors that race with the Tour and will be challenging the home track top guns,” stated Olson.

Einhaus added, “In our eyes every one of our contenders is a star and can draw many fans to any of the venues. The Touring Stars program helps tracks advertise prior to our events that the Touring Stars will be making appearances. It’s all about finding ways to help each racing facility have a successful event, and pitting the stars against the home track heroes is very exciting for the fans. The ASA Midwest Tour is dedicated to helping each venue find ways to put people in the stands and we are doing our best to help each facility by bringing the promotional package to them well before each event.”

Drivers are encouraged to register for ASA Midwest Tour membership online at www.asamidwesttour.com. The deadline for drivers applying for the Touring Stars program is January 1, 2007.

To learn more about the ASA Midwest Tour please contact the ASA Midwest Tour office by calling 608-884-0388 or by e-mailing Tim Olson at tim@asamidwesttour.com or Steve Einhaus at steve@asamidwesttour.com.

To learn more of the Daytona Beach, Florida-based Racing Speed Associates or the ASA Racing Member Track program, call (386) 258-2221 or send an e-mail to info@asa-racing.com. For news and information from all the racetracks and regional tours involved in the ASA, visit www.asa-racing.com.