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ASA Midwest Tour Announces Big Dog Bonus Program at ALL ASAMT and ASAMTT Events

May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012 – In an effort to add excitement to an already aggressive ECHO and ECHO Bear Cat Touring Star program and a rapidly growing Truck series, officials have announced a new bonus program called “The Big Dog Bonus”.

At each American Speed Association® Midwest Tour presented by SCAG Power Equipment and Lester Buildings and ASA Midwest Truck Tour event in 2012, race teams will have the opportunity to win a large amount of money that is provided to a bonus pot by various sponsors of each team. The bonus program is NOT a requirement but is based on those who want to be a part of the program.

During the drivers’ meeting, each team will submit their request to be a part of the Big Dog Bonus. Teams will submit an amount of $100 if they want to participate in the bonus program.

The money that is provided will come from a team’s sponsor or individual that would like to support that team’s efforts to be the Big Dog of the race. All teams that are participating will submit their request and the money will be pooled until the end of the event. Each sponsor that donates to the program will then be highlighted during the entire event and promoted to all of the attending race fans for only $100.

Once all teams have submitted their request/sponsor information and their $100 payment, chips will be put into a container. To start off the season the 2011 Champion will draw a chip to select the Big Dog for the first event. Each event thereafter, the previous winner will select the Big Dog who is eligible. If the winner is not present, a person will be selected. The person who is drawn to be the Big Dog must complete the following requirements.

ASAMT- The Big Dog must finish in the top 10 in the main event in order to receive the bonus

ASAMTT- The Big Dog must finish in the top 8 in the main event in order to receive the bonus

If a driver does not finish higher then the required position, the bonus then rolls over to the next event. The drivers entered in the previous events bonus are only eligible to win the double bonus at the next event. New competitors can enter the program at the next event but they are only eligible to win half of the original amount. All remaining funds will continue to roll over if won by a new competitor.

“We are always trying to be creative and find new and exciting ways for our teams to win some extra money at our events. This is a great opportunity for teams to just put a little effort forth to find sponsors and give them an opportunity to be in the program at no cost to them, but at the same time it gives the opportunity for a sponsor to be highlighted all night long at our events for only $100. Who wouldn’t want to have some fun with this?” said ASAMT VP, Steve Einhaus.

“We are developing a very noticeable decal that will be highly visible by fans at our events. When the Big Dog is selected, the decal will be installed on the fan side of his or her car or Truck. Fans can then follow along with the
announcer as he dramatizes that driver’s opportunity to be “The Big Dog”. The announcer may just see if that racer has it in him or her to get off the porch and be the “Big Dog”, added Einhaus

If a driver wins the bonus, he or she will be included in the winner’s circle celebration and have an opportunity to promote his or her donating sponsor and get pictures in the winner’s circle.

If nobody wins the bonus at that event, well, let’s just say, the next event is going to be one heck of a bonus. There could be thousands of dollars on the line if the bonus rolls over. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and it will add some great flavor to the event.

Who is going to be the Big Dog at the next ASAMT or ASAMTT event? We’ll find out this Sunday at Madison!

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